Why you should push back and prep your cuticles before every application:

  1. Proper cuticle cleanup/prep will allow for a better seal, allowing longer wear time.
  2. Clean, hydrated, well-kept cuticles really helps make your press ons look like a perfect set of salon nails!


Prep is the most important step!

  1. Trim and file down your your nails with the nail file.
    • If you don't like the feeling of traditional files, consider buying a quality crystal/glass file instead.
    • This is the best file I've found and reasonably priced - this will last you a lifetime!
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly. Be sure to get all soap and any oils or lotions completely off.
  3. Push back your cuticles with the included wooden or plastic stick and gently remove flaky dead skin. 
  4. Gently buff your natural nails with the buffer block to remove ALL shine. 
  5. Clean your nails and cuticle area thoroughly with an alcohol pad.
    • This is important! It removes dirt/dust that will cause lifting, and also eliminates any bacteria. You don't want bacteria trapped under a press on. Bacteria = Greenies. Greenies = gross.
  6. Clean the insides of the press ons with an alcohol pad. This removes any residue that was left by your fingertips.
  7. If needed, gently file very small amounts around the cuticle area to make it fit. Be aware that this can make the gel more likely to lift because it breaks the seal of the top coat, but I rarely see this.

Application with Glue

  1. Apply a small amount of glue to your nail bed, spread it around with the nozzle to cover the entire surface area.
  2. Apply another small amount to the inside of a press on, spread it around to cover the entire contact area.
  3. Do not apply too much glue. This can cause the glue to bleed out and may ruin your nails.
    • If you've applied too much, soak it up with an alcohol pad, a micro cotton swab, etc.
  4. Line up the press on with the cuticle and make sure it is aligned properly. Gently rock it down to the tip, pressing the entire nail down firmly for 20 seconds (the longer the better!)
  5. Repeat for all nails.

** Don't forget to clean off that glue nozzle!

** Keep your hands dry for about an hour after application to allow the glue to set.

Application with Tabs + Glue

Apply a gel tab to the insides of each nail, then follow the application with glue directions. They'll be secure for about a week and you'll be able to remove them super easily with NO damage to the press ons!

Do NOT apply with builder gel, "solid nail glue", or anything that must be cured. 

I am happy to explain why, so reach if you have questions. This can easily lead to developing allergies and contact dermatitis because the product cannot fully cure under a press on.